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Force 12 Wind Screens

Tampa Wind ScreensForce 12 Wind Screens protect you and your property from heavy winds and flying debris, two of the main causes of damage and destruction during hurricanes and tropical storms.

Force 12 Wind Screens are a flexible wind abatement and high impact protection system that deflects windblown debris. Force 12 Wind Screens resist impacts that will shatter a concrete block wall. It actually repels flying debris, unlike a rigid shutter system that transfers the shock load directly to the building.

  • A 100 MPH wind against the Force 12 Wind Screen becomes a 3 MPH breeze inside the strong, durable, flexible barrier

  • Transparent to eliminate the claustrophobic boxed-in feeling and blackout effect of shutters

  • Minimizes crashing sounds for peace of mind

  • Quickly and easily deployed, compact storage when not in use

  • Cost-effective protection, significantly less expensive than shutters

  • Miami-Dade approved NOA 09-0427.02, Florida Building Code approved #FL8982 and Texas Department of Insurance approved

  • No maintenance required


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